Monday, October 11, 2010

Material Connections and Detachment

Much of the talk when speaking about meditation centers around the material world and detaching from it. This is a great stumbling block for many. Lets take a look at what is meant by material and what it means to us.
I have material attachment. I would be lying if I said other wise. The question is not whether you have, or do not have some sort of connection to the corporeal. It is a given. To live in this material plane we must use services, partake of nourishment and use it for energy. We inhale. We exhale. We partake of the oxygen in the air and put out carbon dioxide as our bodies use the food we eat to create stored chemical energy. This stored energy gives action to our muscles.
It is a cycle of life that we participate in no matter where we are and no matter what we are doing. We are connected to the world as we live. Even when we pass from life our bodies will give these materials back to the earth. The elements will then be used to energize new life. Life that will, in its own way, inhale, exhale and use earthly material.Lets take a look at this material cycle and examine it in some more detail.
First think of what you take in as your meals everyday. As you move, in the minutest fashion, think about the energy conversion. Pay attention as you lift your arm, as you move your feet, as you inhale, as you exhale. All this motion is possible as your bodies cells are happily working along with each other. Taking in. Putting out. Circulating what is needed and what is no longer needed to where it has to be. Think on how marvelous and miraculous this process is. Allow yourself to experience this miracle.
Let delight and wonder enter your mind and  flow into your body. Down your trunk and into your arms and legs. Think of the continuous play of life that unfolds in every cell, all day long, every day. The wonder of life.
Next pay attention to your breath. No counting or such just be aware of your breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Each is a part of the miraculous and wonderful thing that is you being alive. Let yourself feel the energy of life today and every day. Take five or ten minutes every morning and think on these things. Pay attention to your breath. Let the wonder enter you at the start of the day. You will loose track of breath as you go about your business but it will come back to mind from time to time during the day. When it does let the wonder flow. Let it energize and empower you to your next task.
This is the beginning.

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